At Cory Connor Designs, we believe in the transformative power of a beautiful and comforting home. We understand that your home significantly impacts your day-to-day life, mood, and overall well-being. That's why our mission is to craft spaces that go beyond mere aesthetics, embodying a sense of comfort and timeless elegance. We're not just about following trends; we're about creating homes and memories that last.

Owner & Principal Designer

Cory is renowned for her commitment to creating functional, elevated spaces that infuse comfort, tranquility, and organization into the lives of her clients. With a client-centric ethos rooted in transparency and effective communication, Cory stands out for her unique ability to strike a harmonious balance between approachable warmth and sophisticated style. She forges meaningful connections with clients on a personal level, while delivering beautiful, tailored designs that elevate their living experiences to new heights.

Specializing in comprehensive interior design services, Cory excels in spatial planning and crafting sophisticated design solutions that reimagine every aspect of her clients' homes. With meticulous attention to detail, she identifies opportunities to enhance functionality while maintaining an effortlessly polished aesthetic. Cory's designs are characterized by their livable sophistication and seamless flow, evoking a sense of comfort and beauty that resonates throughout every space she transforms.


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We are thrilled with the living room and kitchen renovation Cory designed for our family! She struck the perfect balance of elegance and casual comfort, creating spaces that are both stylish and incredibly inviting. Cory's excellent communication and responsiveness throughout the project made us feel confident and at ease. Most importantly, she understood our desire for functionality alongside beauty, ensuring these rooms are perfect for our growing family. We wouldn't hesitate to recommend Cory to anyone looking for a talented designer who can create a dream home.


I cannot begin to tell you how incredible Cory was in helping us redesign our home. It was literally the best decision ever to hire her! We tore down pretty much every room in the house. One thing that struck me was how much respect her vendors had for Cory. They ALL loved working with her and they all trusted her. She truly is such a pleasure to work with - so open and so kind. I also have to say, she was always very mindful of budget. She knew where to splurge and where not to. I literally look around our house every day and think how lucky we were that we found her. Our home makes us so happy and we owe it all to Cory! 


Cory has worked with us on every aspect of our new build. Most of the construction took place during the pandemic and Cory brought fun and calm to an otherwise stressful time. She has made our home beautiful, functional and all of the design elements flow together perfectly. She listens so patiently to our needs and then provides options with the right amount of nudge to encourage us to take risks. We initially thought we would use her expertise for some of our project, but once we saw her vision come to life we realized how truly valuable our investment with her is. I cannot say enough good things about Cory!!!